Things till now (Part 1)

I started game development last December.

I purchased a license of ImpactJS and started making some experiments with it. I chose ImpactJS because at the moment it had quite a community (Phaser was not yet the thing it is today…). It also affected my decision seeing that Gods Will Be Watching had been made with it. I thought if it was good for them to make this game in it, I could start this way too.

Shortly after that I participated in Global Game Jam 2014. I attended the event organized by VGAFIB in Barcelona and it was great. I met a lot of cool people there and we made the game Dragon Vs Princess in 48 hours. It was my first Game Jam and a great experience. Since then I have participated in Ludum Dare 29 and Ludum Dare 30.

After having explored Javascript with ImpactJS, I learned about Flixel, an AS3 game engine by the creator of Canabalt, Adam ‘Atomic’ Saltsman. Having been a big fan of the game when it was released I thought i would take a look at this engine. I really liked what I saw and I moved from ImpactJS to Flixel.
With this engine I made my first solo game, a 2-player versus game called 2 Raptors and 100 Bullets.

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